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Ever After Opportunities came to be, with the help of the community, and
a group of women who wanted to help the youth of the region.
A Non-Profit was brought to fruition that would help young ladies and
gentlemen live their happily ever after by offering them: love, guidance, support, and the tools necessary to overcome barriers to their dreams.

Thanks to community partnerships and support, we are blessed to serve
all youth, ages 12-18, in need of assistance, so they may live their happily ever
after’s. We are built by the community, for the community. While we are most commonly known for our Formal Dress Give Away’s, through the Annual Cinderella’s Closet Event, we are thrilled to offer many new support services to help the youth reach all their goals and dreams! We are now offering free tutoring in all subjects to 12-18 years old, life skills classes, and community mentorship.

If you are interested in helping out either donating financially or by volunteering your time, please visit our Donate and Volunteer pages for more information on how you can help change a young lady or gentleman’s life today!

Come live your happily ever after with Ever After Opportunities, where no youth is left behind!

Our Services

Class Registration Request

Cinderella’s Closet Formal Dress Give – Away’s – We offer formal dresses, shoes, and accessories to any young lady in need for free. We offer this service for 8th Grade Farewell Dance, Homecoming Dances, and Prom. No young lady will ever be charged.

Life Skills Sessions – We offer classes for the young ladies including: Budgeting, How To Write a Resume, How To Interview, Basic Home Skills, Basic Cooking, Basic Car Maintenance, Sewing, Knitting, Etiquette, and more. Young ladies who complete the classes will be given a professional outfit of their selection, and more to help support them on their journey to their happy ever after!

Community Mentoring – Once the young ladies complete the Life Skills Sessions, they will be connected with Community Mentors to help guide them through the process of transition into womanhood and the workforce.

Scholarships – We will be offering scholarships, upon completion of life skills sessions, to assist with the costs of college, or trade schooling required to make the young ladies dreams come true. There will be an application process, and interview to fulfill the requirements of scholarships.

Tutoring – We have partnered with Michigan State University to offer FREE tutoring services to young ladies and gentlemen. Register now by clicking the Class Registration Request button.

Transportation Assistance – We offer transportation assistance to the young ladies thanks to CATA!

Cinderella’s Closet Dress Give Away‘s

Open to any young lady attending a 2022 Homecoming or Prom

We are currently going through a transition and we will have new dates for this soon!

This event offers free formal wear, shoes and accessories to all young ladies in the area for free.

Class Registration

Classes Available:

Beginner’s Knitting 
Financial Planning 
Resume Writing 
Beginner’s Car Maintenance

Please click here to register for classes in 2022!

Please continue to check back often for exciting updates and information! Updates will be made as COVID regulations continue to fluctuate daily.


Many thanks to our friends at WLNS for their coverage of the Cinderella’s Closet Formal Dress Giveaway.

Private: Meet the Team

Becca Moccardine , President of the Board – Becca has spent the last decade of her life volunteering with a variety of community organizations and loves to advocate for those in need. Becca is an entrepreneur and loves helping others rise to their fullest potential.  

Heidi Hill, Secretary of the Board – Heidi has had years of experience working in the community making it a better place. Heidi has worked for non-profits like Michigan Interfaith Council on Alcoholism, and is currently serving as a Deacon at Holt Presbyterian Church. Heidi has spent years of her life dedicated to helping others rise through difficult times, and has taught many a variety of home skills including cooking, sewing, knitting, budgeting, and homecare. Heidi has a passion for helping others and looks forward to helping young ladies transition into womanhood.

Bianca Bihn, Treasurer – Bianca is from Wyoming, Michigan area and has worked as an Accountant for the past 21 years. Bianca has a Master’s Degree in Accounting. Bianca has always had a passion for the community and has worked wtih several organizations including: The Junior Achievement Program with South Haven Schools, and Renew Therapeutic Riding Center.

Nicole Gabriault, Member At Large – Nicole works in project administration and has served on the Bath Township DDA, Bath Days Festival and Bath Museum Committees. Nicole’s motto is “Impossible is an Opinion” as said by Muhammad Ali. Nicole enjoys looking at obstacles from all angles and helping others see that any dream is possible to achieve, if you can rise above your circumstances in your thinking. As a thriving single mom that has overcome obstacles herself, she firmly believes that obstacles are really just opportunities to exercise creative thinking.

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