Meet the Team

Becca Moccardine , President of the Board – Becca has spent the last decade of her life volunteering with a variety of community organizations and loves to advocate for those in need. Becca is an entrepreneur and loves helping others rise to their fullest potential.  

Debbie Duhe, Vice President of the Board – Debbie has worked for CSL Plasma for 37 years. Debbie is the Center Manager and Quality Team Member for the South Cedar Street Center located in Lansing. Debbie has been an advocate for those with illnesses, and plasma treatment that has helped save thousands of lives. Debbie is incredibly active in the community, and her church where she is part of the Mission Committee, Praise Team and is the Women Of Worth Decorations Team Leader.  

Heidi Hill, Secretary of the Board – Heidi has had years of experience working in the community making it a better place. Heidi has worked for non-profits like Michigan Interfaith Council on Alcoholism, and is currently serving as a Deacon at Holt Presbyterian Church. Heidi has spent years of her life dedicated to helping others rise through difficult times, and has taught many a variety of home skills including cooking, sewing, knitting, budgeting, and homecare. Heidi has a passion for helping others and looks forward to helping young ladies transition into womanhood.

Bianca Bihn, Treasurer – Bianca is from Wyoming, Michigan area and has worked as an Accountant for the past 21 years. Bianca has a Master’s Degree in Accounting. Bianca has always had a passion for the community and has worked wtih several organizations including: The Junior Achievement Program with South Haven Schools, and Renew Therapeutic Riding Center.